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Hello and welcome to my website.  I am a social worker, but in my spare time I like to write romantic fiction with interesting heroines and great heroes in fabulous settings. Writing is a hobby  and a way of having time out from a stressful job, but the young people I work with are a source of inspiration too.

I started writing after a holiday to Scotland where I was astonished at the wild beauty of the landscape. This inspired me to write 'Scotch on the Loch'. 'A Scottish Retreat' followed quickly after.  I have  had some time off writing detective fiction but am back with a collaboration with fellow author, Scarlett Brodie. We have written a novella, 'Christmas at Rum Cove'. It is a sparkling Christmas romance to get you in the festive spirit. Click on the link for more


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Recent review of 'Christmas at Rum Cove.'


I thoroughly enjoyed this novella by these authors. There is a great cast of local residents and plenty of good humour. I found myself longing to read more when I came to the end of the book and would love to know about further books in the series.

A great Christmas read!


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